Winscp For Mac Os X

Our today’s topic is “How To Download WinSCP For Mac”. Officially WinSCP is not available for Mac, so you cannot use it until it is not officially released from the platform. However for the better use, there are other alternative ways, each method is better than other, these methods enables you to use WinSCP and the same functionality as WinSCP. In this article, we have discussed all these methods to use WinSCPalternatives for Mac that you can use as FTP clients and File Managers. These methods are easy to use and understand.

WinSCP by Martin Prikryl is one of the most popular, powerful and safe FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clients, but when you start working under Mac OS X, it is no longer a viable solution. If you need an application similar to WinSCP for Mac, you can check this list of alternatives to find a replacement. Filezilla is Universal client for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows OS. WinSCP is the best software for Windows, WinSCP has a Mac Clone (emulated using x11), that somehow works, I personally like WinSCP and even with that horrible emulated interface for Mac, I use that ported WinSCP.

Fugu for Mac Free Research Systems Unix Group - University of Michigan Mac OS X 10.5/Intel, Mac OS X 10.6/10.7 Version 1.2.1pre1 Full Specs Average User Rating. WinSCP 5.17 is a major application update. New features and enhancements include: Improvements to sessions and workspace management, so that WinSCP can now easily restore tabs that were open when it was last closed. Hardware-accelerated AES. Extension Archive and Download to archive remote files and download the archive. RemoteFinder v.0.12 RemoteFinder is a graphical SCP program for Mac OS X. It will provide features similar to other programs such as WinSCP.The Look and Feel will be Mac-Like.In the future, other Protocols such als FTP and WebDAV will be.

Lets we start these methods one by one:

WinSCP Introduction:

WinSCP is one of the most famous open source SFTP clients and File Managers out of these. Because of its simple interface, text editor, and other operations with files and their transfer, it is more famous among all users. Users want to manage and transfer their files through a most efficient and reliable mean as WinSCP does it efficiently. It can support billions of transfer protocols, such as FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV or S3. Copying files and transferring them between a remote server and a local computer efficiently is the special feature of WinSCP and it can do it in the best way

Due to its popularity for its application providing among users, now it has become most important that users may want to use it even on their Mac. But the question arises at this point that how can users use WinSCP for their Mac? You don’t need to worry about that now you can get all methodologies to use WinSCP for your Mac. This article is all about WinSCP and how to use WinSCP for Mac. Read this article thoroughly and learn How to use WinSCP for Mac? Let’s start:

List of Best Alternatives to WinSCP for Mac:

If you cannot use WinSCP directly on your Mac, Then here is a list of all best alternatives of WinSCP for your Mac:

  1. Transmit:

Winscp For Mac Os X 10.7

Transmit is again a fan favorite when it comes to FTP clients for Mac. This popular FTP client and File Manager has been designed specifically for Mac and is super elegant and smooth. Where FileZilla lacks in the interface, Transmit makes up for it with an aesthetic and user-friendly interface. Transmit also has a pretty fast and satisfactory speed of transfers. It can also be integrated with Spotlight and Finder in your Mac, making file transfers even easier.

It has a drag and drop design for files to make transfers simpler and easier, supports transfers across multiple tabs, and is packed a lot more features. However, users have complained Transmit to be unstable sometimes, so we would not advise you to use it to transfer sensitive files unless you have a backup.

Get Transmithere.

  1. FileZilla:

FileZilla is an open source software that is fast and efficient and works extremely well as an FTP client, among other things. It is regularly updated and is extremely secure when it comes to filing transfers. FileZilla is especially advisable for you to get if you wish to have large file transfers over your network, which it is able to handle better than other FTP clients.

It does not support the feature of scheduling your transfers, so you have to do it in real time. The interface isn’t that great. However, if you don’t mind a mundane interface, you should go for it. One of its highlights is the QuickConnect feature, that just proves how fast FileZilla can connect to the servers.

We highly recommend FileZilla for replacing WinSCP for your Mac, as it will satisfy pretty much all your file transfer needs. Get it here.

  1. ForkLift:

Winscp For Mac Os X 10.8

Yet another beast of an FTP client, ForkLift makes a good replacement for WinSCP for Mac. It makes transferring your files a simple and fast task. Powered by a solid and good interface, ForkLift has a unique dual pane view for added convenience. It supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 transfers just like any good FTP client and file manager. Connecting using ForkLift is easy and it supports features like Batch editing that saves a lot of time on your part. The only downside is that you cannot schedule your transfers if that is a requirement.

Winscp For Mac Os X

Otherwise, you should definitely try out ForkLifthere.

  1. Cyberduck:

Cyberduck is highly popular among users who want a fast and efficient transfer of files to and from a server on a regular basis. It has a decent interface, can perform pretty all FTP tasks you may require it to do and can handle FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and S3 transfers.

One of the highlights of this free tool is that it can be linked conveniently with editors and Dropbox. However, it is also worth noting that users have reported problems when transferring on SSL connections. And yet, users find Cyberduck extremely simple to use, especially while creating a new connection.

You can try your hands on Cyberduckhere.

  1. Interachy:

Interachy is a trending FTP client that is used for fast and efficient transfers, With constant updates coming every now and then, Interachy developers you get a good File Manager that supports a fast transfer of files and support all major Transfer modes. Users love using it as WinSCP for Mac.

You can check out Interachyhere.

  1. AnyClient:

AnyClient is a pretty decent FTP Client that supports SFTP and WebDAV transfers. It’s a free platform, and even though it is a bit limited, it is simple and easy to use. Stability is another characteristic of this FTP Client and it has a quick transfer, so you don’t need to worry about the speed of your transfer.

However, if security is an issue for you, then you might want to be careful while using this FTP Client as file transfers may not always be secure. But you should definitely try it out once, so get AnyClient.

  1. Captain FTP:

A smart FTP client is pretty hard to find, that is a title that can be given to Captain FTP. Loaded with a feature the developers call Sync Browsing, tons of options and simple design but powerful performance, Captain FTP pretty much checks all the boxes while looking for a stable and efficient FTP client. It provides presets for certain protocols, supports schedule transfers, accelerated transfers, and so much more! However, nothing is perfect, and Captain FTP here does not support transfers over 2GB. If however, that is not a problem for you, it will serve as a really good FTP client and File Manager. It’s worth being a good alternative for WinSCP for Mac.

We will definitely recommend using Captain FTP, you can try it here.

  1. Fetch:

Fetch is a simple and intuitive FTP client that supports multi transfers and you can easily view the status and progress of each transfer. Packed with a user-friendly interface and ability to connect to the servers quickly, this File Manager supports all major transfer modes. You should definitely get your hands dirty with Fetch.

More Available Notable FTP Clients like WinSCP:

Above mentioned WinSCP alternatives are not enough, there are other FTP clients and alternatives for WinSCP, those you can also get for your Mac. The list of these alternatives is available here:

  1. Fugu
  2. CuteFTP
  3. Yummy FTP
  4. muCommander
  5. Flow
  6. Total Manager
  7. Cross FTP


Hope, now you are able to choose the best and most reliable WinSCP alternative for your Mac. We have listed the best available alternatives and their features one by one in this article. These FTP Clients alternatives for WinSCP will give all best ever features to users as like WinSCP.

If you have any queries regarding this article and these alternatives, then feel free to ask from us. We will surely satisfy you regarding your questions. That’s all about this article.

Thank You