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  • More awesome Widgets. Yahoo! Widgets 4.5 allows Widget creators to build more awesomeness into their Widgets, including video right on your desktop.
  • Dashboard was an application for Apple Inc.' S macOS operating systems, used as a secondary desktop for hosting mini-applications known as widgets.These are intended to be simple applications that do not take time to launch. Dashboard applications supplied with macOS include a stock ticker, weather report, calculator and notepad; users can create or download their own.
  • Dashboard widgets on your Mac are a reflection of your busy lives. Mac Dashboard widgets get you the information you want, now. Still, Mac widgets under Mountain Lion are now taking second fiddle to the Mac App Store. Even so, the widgets mentioned here are worth it.
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Apps For My Macbook Air

Stocks User Guide

Use the Stocks app on Mac to view stock quotes, interactive charts, and top business news.


Launcher 3 is the most customizable and powerful widget that you can get for your. The Mac Dashboard provides an easy way to see and use widgets, mini-applications that grab specific information from the Internet or help with narrow but useful tasks. The typical Dashboard arrangement includes a calendar, a clock, a translator, a flight tracker, weather, and more. You can move widgets around, add new ones, and drop old.


Open the Stocks app

  1. On your Mac, click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window.

  2. Click Applications in the Finder window sidebar, then double-click the Stocks app .

View stocks in Notification Center

For a quick look at the stock market, check the Stocks widget in Notification Center on your Mac.

Clock widget for desktop
  1. On your Mac, click the Notification Center icon in the menu bar.

  2. Click Today, then scroll down to the Stocks widget.

Apps For My Macbook

Widgets For My Mac

Ask Siri. Siri can answer general stock queries for you. Say something like:

Widgets For My Computer

  • “What’s the ticker symbol for Apple?”

  • “How’s the market doing today?”

Widgets For My Laptop

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