Тотал Коммандер For Mac Os

Total Commander
Developer(s)Christian Ghisler
Initial releaseSeptember 25, 1993; 27 years ago
Stable release(s)[±]
Windows9.51 / March 25, 2020; 7 months ago[1]
Android3.10 / October 15, 2020; 15 days ago[2]
Windows Phone1.6 / April 28, 2016; 4 years ago[3]
Preview release(s)[±]
Windows9.51 rc 6 / March 18, 2020; 7 months ago[4]
Android3.0 beta 19 / April 3, 2020; 6 months ago[5]
Windows Phone2015.622.1609.4264 Beta 13 / June 22, 2015; 5 years ago[6]
Written inObject Pascal
Operating systemWindows, Android, Windows Phone
  • Windows: 4.4 – 5.2 MiB
  • Android: 4.3 MiB
  • Windows Phone: 2.7 MiB
TypeFile manager
LicenseShareware on Windows
Freeware on Android and Windows Phone
  1. Total Commander Macos
  2. Total Commander For Mac

Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander) is an orthodox file manager for Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile/Windows CE[7][8] and Android, developed by the Swiss Christian Ghisler. Originally coded using Delphi, latest Windows 64-bit versions were done with Lazarus. It features a built-in FTP client, tabbed interface, file compare, archive file navigation, and a multi-rename tool with regular expression support. It is for the most part compatible with Linux using Wine.[9]

The utility supports extensibility via plugins,[10][11] and it can bind external programs for viewing or editing files. Many plugins are freely available for e.g. different packer formats or file viewer for special file formats. Many functions not available by default are supported and can be assigned to icons.[12]

Launching Quicksilver: Simplify Your Mac OS X Life Read Online With the introduction of the Sierra operating system, Siri is now available on Macs. Instead, Mac users can activate Siri by doing one of the following. If you prefer a minimalist Mac look and would like to get rid of the Dock, you can use Spotlight to launch programs and apps instead. MuCommander is a lightweight, cross-platform file manager with a dual-pane interface. It runs on any operating system with Java support (macOS, Windows, Linux,.BSD, Solaris.). Here's a non-exhaustive list of what you'll find: Virtual filesystem with support for local volumes, FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP, Amazon S3, Hadoop HDFS and Bonjour. Nimble Commander for Mac OS X is a 2 panel file manager especially for power users: - External Tools integration support: Quickly open any application with a variety of parameters based on the current focus/selection/path, etc. External Editors can be used with any virtual file system, and changed files will be uploaded back. Get ultimate level of protection with our award-winning software. Kaspersky Total Security provides real-time defense against the latest malware and threats. Windows: 9.51 / March 25, 2020; 6 months ago : Android: 3.0 / April 16, 2020; 5 months ago : Windows Phone: 1.6 / April 28, 2016; 4 years ago.

From 1993 until 2002, Total Commander was called Windows Commander. The name was changed in 2002 after Microsoft pointed out that the word 'Windows' was their trademark.[13]


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Total Commander Macos

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Download version 9.51 of Total Commander
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  • 32-bit version only (Windows 95 up to Windows 10, runs on 32-bit AND 64-bit machines!)
  • 64-bit version only (Windows XP up to Windows 10, runs ONLY on 64-bit machines!)
  • 64-bit+32-bit combined download (Windows 95 up to Windows 10, 32-bit AND 64-bit machines!)
  • Insecure downloads via http: 32-bit64-bit64-bit+32-bit combined


Total commander for mac
  • Techspot (32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • Softpedia (32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • Winsoftware Germany (english page, 32+64bit combined)
  • Straightvisions Germany (english page, 32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • Instalki.pl (Polish software site, 32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • Alpinefile.ru(Russian page, separate 32/64bit)
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  • Programki.net (Russian page, 32+64bit and separate 32/64bit)
  • SLO.ru (Russian software site, separate 32/64 bit)
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    Update instructions for registered users

    • To update, please download the shareware/demo version from above, then follow the free update/upgrade instructions from any previous version!

    Using Total Commander on an Apple Mac?

    • You can use a Windows emulator like Vmware fusion, Parallels or Crossover for Mac to use Total Commander on an Apple Mac computer.

    • Or try Commander One - Free File Manager for Mac OS X with PRO Pack of additional features for advanced file management. Aimed to be an alternative of Total Commander for Mac users.

    • Or CRAX Commander, which makes it easier for true fans of TC to migrate from Windows to Mac. CRAX Commander makes possible browsing archives as folders, connecting to FTP / SFTP, multi-renaming files, navigating in app using TC shortcuts and much more.

    • DCommander for Mac OS X is another great alternative for Mac Users. It includes everything you would expect from an advanced dual-pane file manager, including FTP, SCP, archive browser, synchronization and more, all with minimal memory usage and multi-language support.

    • Nimble Commander for Mac OS X is a 2 panel file manager especially for power users:
      - External Tools integration support: Quickly open any application with a variety of parameters based on the current focus/selection/path, etc.
      - External Editors can be used with any virtual file system, and changed files will be uploaded back.

    New: Total Commander for Android and Windows Phone/Mobile/CE!

    Total Commander For Mac

    Still using Windows 3.1?