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In Main.storyboard, SplitViewController is set to light, and then both navigation controllers and master and detail controllers also have status bar light (they all use 'Inferred' which means I haven't set per view; reminder: I want light status bar in whole app so I do not care for status bar style per view). The Status Bar App to Build. The first demo application we are going to work with in this tutorial is called WorldTime and you can find it in this starter pack. What we aim to achieve with it is to start from a normal macOS app, and to convert it to a status bar app.

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In addition to Wi-Fi status (listed below), the Network pane will also offer 'menulet' options for things like modems and VPNs if you have them set up, while menu bar icons related to keyboard. I listen to the radio a lot while developing and after trying the available apps at the time I wrote a simple native status bar app a few years ago in Ruby using the RubyMotion compiler toolkit. This allows you to simply switch between a preset list of radio streams and has media key support so you can pause/play and change station with the forward/back keys.

Menu bar has always been one defining characteristic of Mac operating system, which is often overlooked by users. But the power of Mac’s menu bar cannot be neglected! Today’s Apple menu is a repository for all the stuff you need to have a quick access to. We have jotted down a list of 10 useful menu bar applications which can significantly boost your productivity as well as enhance Mac’s performance.

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Here you go!

10 Best Mac Menu Bar Apps:-

1. Noizio

If you’re an easy distracter, then install this handy application right away. The app is capable of cutting down all the background noises and makes you exclusively hear your favorite sounds of your choice at the desired tempo. Get the app here

2. One

Avid readers cannot afford to miss this app! It aggregates news from latest websites like Reddit, Product Hunt, Medium, etc. in a readable and simplistic manner. Get the app here

3.Disk Clean Pro

Keep your Mac fast and error free by installing the disk clean pro application. Disk Clean Pro is a powerful memory optimizer tool to enhances your mac’s performance in a single click. Not only this, it also gets rid of duplicates to save yourself some storage space. Get the App here


The app works perfectly in reducing eye strain by optimizing your Mac’s display to match the time of the day.

P.S. Your eyes will thank us later! Get the app here

5. Endurance

Just as the name says, Endurance increases your Mac’s battery life by removing unwanted applications and shutting down programs that suck up the maximum amount of energy. Get the app here

Status Bar Apps For Mac Os

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InsomniaX disable the sleep mode of your Mac so that any of the music or movies which are probably being downloaded in the background don’t get disrupted. Get the app here


Popshot is a handy app for your mac’s menu bar that quickly lets you take and capture screenshots. With PopShot, you can specify capture settings before you take a screenshot. The app saves screenshot info to your clipboard (and across app sessions!) for easy sharing. Get the app here

8. Simplify


This is one essential app for your menu bar-especially if you’re a music lover. This app could be your best friend. With just one click from the menu bar, Simplify lets you control a host of music apps. The supported list includes the desktop apps (Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, etc.) as well as web-based streaming apps (Pandora, Deezer, etc.). Get the app here

9. Paste

This app keeps track of everything you’ve ever copied, and allow you to see and use your clipboard history whenever you need it. It’ll keep track of text, images, links, files, and more. It’s one super useful application that will surely enhance your productivity. Get the app here

Status Bar App Macos

10. Bartender

Status Bar Apps For Macbook Pro

Now that you’ve got so many apps, somebody gottta take charge. Bartender quickly reorders apps in menu bar according to your preference. It lets you keep your menu bar managed in a neat and tidy format. Get the app here

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These were just a few mac applications for your menu bar; Market is flooded with a bunch of applets which can make your life much easier. Let us know if you happen to know any other useful app which works wonder with your Mac.

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