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CloudApp is also a Video Recorder with Webcam

Static images are powerful but capturing a video is where the real advantages are found. CloudApp stores and sends all of your content through the cloud at the speed of light. Trying to save, upload, and send a bulky video file in the traditional way is troublesome. CloudApp users can capture video on their screen and send it with a single click, or add a personal touch with a webcam recording. Communicate with video and move onto your next task. If you are a productivity guru, you are going to love this feature.

Supercharge Your Screenshots with Annotation

Unlock the true potential of your screenshots by editing them. Add text, emojis, arrows, and shapes in seconds with the screenshot annotation tool features. Annotating a CloudApp screenshot is effortless. A few clicks and it’s done. Don’t tell someone what you need or want, show them!

Best Screenshot Apps for Mac & Windows - Creative Market. Apps (4 days ago) Works with: Mac and Windows. TinyGrab is a screenshot tool that is focused on social sharing. Using TinyGrab, you can take screenshots and upload them to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Wordpress and more with just the. Best screenshot app for mac OS? What's easiest tool for taking an annotating screenshots? Shotty gives you one-click access to all your screenshots from the Mac menu bar. You can quickly annotate them and drag and drop them into any application. 🙏 helpful 0 Comments Share. Take screenshots or screen recordings on Mac. You can take pictures (called screenshots) or recordings of the screen on your Mac using Screenshot or keyboard shortcuts.Screenshot provides a panel of tools that let you easily take screenshots and screen recordings, with options to control what you capture—for example, you can set a timer delay or include the pointer or clicks.

How to Download CloudApp's Screenshot App

To start harnessing the power of CloudApp screenshot capture tool:

  • Download and install CloudApp (Available for Mac and Windows, iOS and Chrome)
  • Through your web browser’s download folder, select and download the CloudApp.msi file
  • If CloudApp does not immediately open, search for and select “CloudApp” on your computer
  • Create a free CloudApp account when prompted and enjoy a 14-day trial!

How to Capture a Screenshot with CloudApp

To capture a screenshot, simply go your Mac toolbar or your Windows utility section at the bottom and click on the CloudApp icon. From here you can choose to take a screenshot, record HD video, edit an image, or even create a GIF. Ready to capture? Position your mouse near the content, click and drag. Your screenshot is now ready to send with an automatically generated link. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3...

1.Click the CloudApp icon

2. Select the screenshot option

3. Click, drag & drop, and send

Put the Power of CloudApp on Your iPhone or Chrome

For industry leaders and disruptors, business doesn’t stop at the desk. Take the power of CloudApp’s screenshot app with you everywhere on your iPhone or via our Chrome Extension. Capture pictures, record your screen, and send large files in seconds. The days of running out of storage on your laptop or iPhone are over. Life is better in the cloud.

It’s Time to Embrace Your Role as an Industry Leader

CloudApp users operate in a wide range of industries. It doesn’t matter if you are in sales, web development, or design -- if you are reading this, you have exceptional standards. Old methods won’t cut it. Wasting time and mental energy isn’t an option. The future of digital communication is found through efficiency and pure speed. The future is in the cloud. Get started by registering for a free CloudApp account and take your visual communication to the next level.

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Free Screenshot App For Mac

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