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Added a warning when trying to install an OS or Radio that is not designed for your phone/tablet. Fixed a few minor issues. Minor update to fix bug where OS wouldn't change link during 'Download All' Adds an extract 'Boot' image option. Fixes a bug where the text 'OS' and 'Radio' was missing from install log. Endless spinning in Sachesi Sachesi: Firmware Extractor, Searcher and Installer - Page 78 - BlackBerry Forums at Best in class: Save 49% on 15 months of ExpressVPN.

Sachesi Mac Os

The one really cool thing about the Sachesi tool is that you can do a non-destructive software upgrade on Linux, Windows or Mac without the need for Blackberry Link.

The one big downside is when you get Sachesi telling you that it’s searching for a USB connected device and it can’t be found.


As it turns out it’s quite a simple fix. I tried turning on Development Mode, no go. Connecting as Windows and as Mac, no go. The way to do it is turn off development mode, turn off Mass USB and set it to Auto connection.

Mac Os High Sierra

Now when you connect it to the machine it will ask your PC for an IP address to set itself up as a network device on your USB port. At this point, Sachesi can now detect and use it.