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Drive redirection is supported for remote resources, so that you can save files created with a remote application locally to your Mac. The redirected folder is always your home directory displayed as a network drive in the remote session. In order to use this feature, the administrator needs to set the appropriate settings on the server. LogMeIn for Mac is a the best remote desktop app for Mac users of all abilities.

The remote desktop app allows you to operate the peer computer without any geo-restrictions. Such apps are really helpful while the team is working remotely. Here we have listed some of the best Mac remote desktop apps and software, some of them are free and some are paid ones. Let’s check it out!

#1. Microsoft Remote Desktop 10

Microsoft Remote Desktop is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android lets you connect to your office PC from wherever you are. It allows easy access to the apps, files, and network resources of your work PC as if you were there. So, when you are working from home or elsewhere and need to copy a file, launch an application, or even troubleshoot a problem, MRD will make sure all these are possible.

With this tool, you may even leave applications open on the office PC and then see those apps from home. Secure connection, audio, and video streaming, and simple management further make this worth trying. On top of everything, it is free, and rightly number one on our list!

Price: Free


#2. AnyDesk Remote Desktop App for Mac

Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, or a big organization, AnyDesk is capable of fulfilling your remote desktop needs. Due to almost no-to-negligible latency and smart features like remote printing, and file transfer, it feels as if you are on your office computer.

AnyDesk compresses and then transfers image data making the experience swift and unparalleled. It even lets you perform your tasks satisfactorily with internet bandwidth as low as 100 kB/s.

Banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology, encryption to verify every connection, 60 fps on-screen experience with most internet connections, ability to whitelist trusted desks, and On-Screen-Whiteboard, are some of the excellent additions.

Price: Free/paid subscription starts at $10.99

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#3. Splashtop Mac Remote Desktop Software

Cross-platform file transfer (drag-and-drop), multi-monitor support, session recording, remote wake, remote reboot, and more, in an affordable package, is what makes Splashtop different. With remote print, you can access your file from a remote desktop and print the same on your local computer.

Remote Access Program For Mac

Splashtop also takes security and speed on priority. It hosts its cloud infrastructure on AWS and thus ensures a great experience. The Pro subscription adds extra benefits and lets you manage users in teams, share your desktop via a web link, and view multiple remote monitors simultaneously. It even allows two users remote into the same computer at the same time.

Price: Free trial/Paid plan starts at $5 a month.

#4. TeamViewer Desktop Sharing Mac App


TeamViewer is the first choice of almost all corporate houses. This software program allows you to access your data from servers and mobiles as well. You can set up permanent unattended remote access to mobile devices (apart from computers and servers). Next, you can share your screen on iPhones and iPads as well.

A mobile-to-mobile connection is also possible with TeamViewer. You can chat via text, take screenshots, and control processes on the supported devices. It is available for all major platforms including Linux, Raspberry Pi, Chrome OS, and iOS.

Price: Free/$49 a month for the paid version

#5. RemotePC Desktop Solution for Mac

RemotePC offers one-time instant access, hence, your partners and associates can access your computer one-time by sharing a unique Access ID and key. Web access allows you to connect remote computers from your local browser; this eliminates the need of installing any software.

Like Splashtop, RemotePC also gives you the facility of remote printing. You can print any document or image you have saved on your remote computer. A notable feature is remote sound play. You can listen to audio files from the remote computer to your local device.

Price: Plan starts at $29.50

#6. Jump Desktop Mac App

Easy to set up and use, Jump Desktop is compatible with remote desktop and virtual network computing. Additionally, this software also works with next-generation remote desktop protocol, which is called Fluid Remote Desktop.

To achieve incredible productivity, this app lets you use your Mac keyboard shortcuts in Windows computer. This ensures a seamless connection between your computers without having to remember keyboard shortcuts.

Collaborative screen sharing is one of the remarkable features of Jump Desktop. By using this feature, you can invite many users to connect with a single computer.

Price: $14.99

#7. GoToMyPC Remote Desktop Software for Mac

Mac To Mac Remote Control

Isn’t it time-saving to cut, copy, and paste your documents or files from one computer to another? GoToMyPC enables you to transfer your data between connected computers.

If you have stored all your music on a remote desktop, you can access those music files and listen to your favorite music. Moreover, you can also listen to voicemail on the PC you are accessing.

Want to keep an eye on all monitors connected to your computer? This software, equipped with multi-monitor support, allows you to view full displays of all the remote monitors connected to your local device.

Price: Plan stars at $35

#8. Remotix Mac Remote Desktop App

Even if you are using an Internet with not-so-good speed, this remote desktop app will help you log onto your work computer from a personal one.

A fast remote desktop Mac app, this can save you in many situations, especially when you store your important data on a PC and forget to transfer the same to your hard drive.

Remotix introduces NEAR, which is a low-latency, adaptive, H.264 based remote desktop protocol. You can connect to your work computer from anywhere by using Remotix Cloud technology.

Price: $49.99

#9. NoMachine Mac Remote Desktop Solution

NoMachine uses its NX technology, which is arguably the fastest and highest quality remote desktop. In a few clicks, you can get to any computer in the world.

Developed for every user – whether an artist or an engineer – NoMachine ensures that your favorite software is always with you. Next, watch DVDs, TV, Hulu or YouTube videos from wherever you are.

Apart from printing your documents on a local printer (from a remote computer), you can also access pen drives, scanners, and all your disks as if they were close to you physically.

Price: Free/Paid version starts at $44.50

#10. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is among the most popular Remote Desktop apps for Mac. It was earlier available only as a Chrome extension. However, now it also has a version of the Chrome Desktop app that you can add to your Mac in just one click. It shows in your Launchpad and is easy plus quick to work on.

Apart from your macOS device, you can use Chrome Remote Desktop as an iOS app. Overall, it is effortless to set up your work computer or laptop to be remotely accessed by installing Chrome Remote Desktop software. We started the list with a free item and are ending it with this, which is also free. Give it a shot.

Price: Free
Try it out

That’s all, folks!

Remote Desktop Application For Mac


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Remote Application For Mac

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