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21 June 2010, Moscow. Mail.Ru introduces the new version of the [email protected] ( toolbar for Mac OS users. It should be noted that it also supports the latest fifth version of the Safari browser.

The Satellite for Mac OS expanded the line of Mail.Ru toolbars that include versions for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera. Now Safari users have access to all primary features of [email protected]

The Satellite helps quickly find necessary information on the Internet: you can key in search queries right in the browser window, with the toolbar suggesting suitable options once you have started entering the word. Furthermore, it always remembers the last user queries.

Troubleshoot email problems in Mail on Mac. Problems sending messages. If you can’t send emails. If people don’t receive emails you send. Problems receiving messages. If you can’t receive emails. If emails aren’t displayed or look strange. If junk mail filters aren’t working.

The Satellite for Mac OS includes the function allowing special search in the Mail.Ru projects, letting you find people in the Moi [email protected] social network (, cultural events on [email protected] (, the latest vacancies on [email protected] (, photos and video clips, goods in online shop catalogues and many others.

  • Select the Default pool, select the Agents tab, and choose New agent. On the Get the agent dialog box, click macOS. Click the Download button. Follow the instructions on the page. Clear the extended attribute on the tar file: xattr -c vsts-agent-osx-x64-V.v.v.tar.gz. Unpack the agent into the directory of your choice. Cd to that directory.
  • Trusted Mac download Mail.Ru Agent 5.0.28041. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Mail.Ru Agent alternative downloads.
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Mail Agent Ru For Mac Os High Sierra

Thanks to a set of informers used in [email protected], the browser windows displays up-to-date information about new mail, weather, exchange rates and traffic jams. The weather forecast and traffic situation will be displayed according to the user location: [email protected] can automatically identify the city, you can also set the location manually. All the relevant information will be updated in real time.

The Satellite personal settings let you select the informers to display in the browser, and generate a shortcut bar for your favorite Mail.Ru projects so that you can jump to the desired services with a click. You can activate the privacy mode just as easily, giving yourself maximally safe and anonymous web surfing experience.


Mail.Ru had earlier developed a special Mac OS version of the popular instant messenger Mail.Ru Agent ( for instant messaging in real time, sending free SMS messages etc.

“We hope Mac OS users will give [email protected] specially designed for them the credit it deserves. The Mac OS users in Russia are ‘advanced’ users that are active online. This is why the line of the popular Mail.Ru products intended for Internet surfing and socialization is expanded to include Mac versions”, said Olga Brukovskaya, Vice President for Marketing, Mail.Ru.

Agent Mail Ru Download

Mail User Guide

An email alias is like a nickname and helps to keep your actual email address private. When you send emails using an alias, your recipients never see your actual email address.

Create or change an alias

  1. In the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, then click Accounts.

  2. Select an account, then click Account Information.

  3. Click the Email Address pop-up menu, choose Edit Email Addresses, then do one of the following:

    • Add an alias: Click the Add button , then enter a name and email address.

    • Edit an alias: Click the Full Name or Email Address field, then change the name or email address.

    • Remove an alias: Select an alias, then click the Remove button .

Send an email from an alias

  1. In the Mail app on your Mac, move the pointer over the From field in a message you’re writing.

  2. Click the pop-up menu that appears, then choose an email alias.