Mac Os Search For File

  • Finding files and folders on the Mac became easier when Spotlight was introduced in OS X Tiger (10.4), but locating files through the command line can be a bit tricker. File Type Search.
  • Adding Filters to Searches: We already showed you in the previous post how you can set the Finder.

When you right-click a file or folder on your Mac, you can select Get Info to receive information about it. You can edit files and folders to enhance your Mac file search using this menu. Using OS X's Finder, you can do some fancy-schmancy advanced searching, including finding system files for troubleshooting. No more rooting through folders when the results you want aren't.

Launch a Finder, or Spotlight window. In the Search window, type any of the following:

Mac os search for file linux

Mac Os Search For File Windows 10

Mac Os Search For File

Mac Search File Name

  • date:12/20/15

    Find all files for this date

  • date: 12/19/15-12/21/15

    Find all files in this date range

  • created: today

    Find all files created today

  • modified: 12/15/15

    Find all files modified on this date

  • accessed: 12/21/15

    Find all files with this last access date

  • date: 12/20/15 AND kind:Python

    Any Python Script on this date

  • modified: 12/20/15 AND (kind:Python OR kind:PDF)

    Any Python Script or PDF document modified on given date