Load Profile Failed For Base Radio Mac


I have Mac OS Mavericks 10.9

Load profile failed on WLC Hello experts, We have an issue on our WLC, this log is everyday reported 'Load Util Profile Failed for Base Radio MAC: 80:e0:1d:ab:6e:a0 and slotNo: 0 current 53055 threshold 52400' This is configured to 80% on WIRELESS 802.11 b/g/nGeneral. Hi All, Currently i have a 9800-cl wlc with 2700, 3800 and 9100 series access points (internal APs). All three APs broadcast same SSID with (WPA2/PSK) for come legacy clients which operates on 802.11b.

I attempted to run Firefox, and I got the error 'Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible.'

I read through the documentation, and I uninstalled Firefox, I also removed the profile./Applications/ - deleted Firefox/Library - no firefox/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/ - deleted Mozilla and Firefox folders

Then I downloaded Firefox25.dmg and installed it. I still get the same error. And there is no longer a Firefox or Mozilla folder under the Users/Library folder

I am using Chrome, as I can no longer use Firefox. So there is no troubleshooting information.

Load Client Profile Failed For Base Radio Mac


I was recently in a conversation with someone who needed to deploy configuration profiles to OS X clients, but they did not have the ability or authority within their organization to open the network ports required to implement a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. This post describes how to install configuration profiles with an installer package.

The first step is to create and export your configuration profile as a .mobileconfig file. These files can be created on a computer running OS X Server, using Profile Manager. For more details on creating and downloading configuration profiles, see Apple’s Profile Manager Help documentation.

Load Profile Failed For Base Radio Mac Software

Once you have the .mobileconfig file, you’ll want to create a package that will deploy this file to a known location on your client systems. I recommend a folder in the root Library named for your organization such as…

For instructions on creating packages, refer to the documentation for your favorite package building tool. My favorite is Composer.

Simply deploying the .mobileconfig file to this location won’t install it. Apple provides a command line tool called profiles. The profiles command can be used as part of a postinstall script included in the package that deploys the .mobileconfig file. Below, find the two lines to include in this script…

Interference Profile Failed For Base Radio Mac Cisco


If the .mobileconfig profile should be deleted once installed, the following command can be added to a third line in the script…

Interference Profile Failed For Base Radio Mac

Of course, “/Library/MyOrganization/Company Wi-Fi.mobileconfig” should be replaced in each command with the quoted path to the .mobileconfig file deployed by the package.

Load Profile Failed For Base Radio Mac Download

I hope this is helpful.