Iskysoft Pdf Editor For Mac Torrent

This product enables you to edit and convert both of the non-scanned and scanned pdf files.
1. Open PDFs
Right-click a PDF file to select 'Open with', then choose PDF Editor Pro to launch it directly.
2. Toolbar
There are view, command and annotate tools in the default toolbar.
Click View button on top menu bar>Customize Toolbar or select Customize icon directly, you could add the favorite items into toolbar.
3. Tools
Choose the button of Move , you can scroll the page by dragging it up or down.
Choose the button of Select , you can selected text to copy and paste.
Choose the button of Touchup , you can select some test to edit. After clicking, a frame will appear around the text, you can begin editing.
4. Annotate
Choose Sticky Note button , you can add sticky note.
Choose Arrow button, you can add the shapes as you need, like line, oval, arrow, rectangle, cloud and polygon .
Choose Pencil button , you can choose Pencil / Eraser tools.
Choose Highlight button, you can mark the text, such as Highlight, underline or strikethrough.
5. Inspector
Choose the button of Inspector to view Security,Document Information, Properties. And the options like Author, Title, Keywords and Subject are also clickable.

6. Sidebar
Sidebar is the option for viewing your pdf file. Thumbnails is the default option of viewing the PDF pages. Other options like bookmark, annotations and searched results are also available.
7. Stamp
Click the Stamp button in the toolbar, you will get these options:
Click More...option, you will get more stamps types and click the + button to customize your own stemaps, like the following interface:
8. Add text
In the toolbar, click the button of Add Text , a mouse iconwill appear for you, then you can add text there. You can set the font color, font, typeface and size by clicking Format> Show Fonts from top menu bar.

9. Edit Object/Copy/Paste/
Click the button of Touchup , you can choose the text to edit. Double-click the frame appeared around the text to begin editing.

10. Crop
and Insert pictures
Click the button of Insert Image , the added picture will appear. Select the image, you could click the button of Crop Image to crop it directly.
11. OCR
The OCR(Optical Character Recognition) plugin could recognize scanned PDF so that enables you to edit, convert or do any other operations to the scanned PDF files.
If your pdf file is a scanned pdf file, after you open it by the product, it will pop up a message to remind you the following. Please click the button of Perform OCR to perform it. And please also choose the correct language of your pdf content.
Note: If the language of the PDF file is not the default one, please choose the correct languages under PDF Editor Pro>Prefereence>OCR tab.
Click the button of Document> Delete Pages to delete pages directly.
If you need to extract some paged to generate a new PDF, you can click Document> Extract Pages to extract the page(s) from PDF.
Click Document> Crop Pages tomove the mouse to choose the page to crop.

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Edit PDF texts and images like in a word-processor. Markup and comment PDFs with diversified tools. Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB,images and other formats. Limited output formats: More output formats: Create PDF. Create PDF from existing PDF, Webpages, images, and text files. Combine and Split. Online help for PDF Editor Pro for Mac, including frequently asked questions, user guide and product suggestion. Save 25% on All-in-one Video and DVD Tool 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Download Center Newsletter Store. Tips: If you have bought an iSkysoft Product, your account info is. ISkysoft PDF Editor supports editing and converting both of these non-scanned and scanned PDF files. For the watermark of free trial, once you purchased iSkysoft PDF Editor for Mac and register the product, please open the pdf file and click FileSave As to save it to a new PDF. Then the new PDF will have not watermark in it.

Iskysoft pdf editor for mac torrent download Click Document>Insert Pages on the top, you could add a new PDF file or a blank page directly.

Iskysoft Pdf Editor For Mac Torrent Mac

Click Document> Watermark, you can add watermark to your PDF.
1. iSkysoft watermark added by the trial version will not be removed by this function.
2. After purchasing, please register your product and open the pdf file by the registered version and click File>Save As to save it to a new PDF. Then the new PDF will have not watermark in it.
15. Merge Document
Click Document> Merge Document from top menu bar, there will be a pop up window. Move files to the list; Right click (choose Up/Down), you can change the sequence of the files.
Click Document> Split Document to Split

Iskysoft Pdf Editor For Windows

17. Convert
Click the button of Convert to convert the PDF file to other format directly.
Click the Form button on the toolbar, you can create fillable forms in existing PDF files.
You can add forms by clicking Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, Dropdown, List Box, Button. Drag to draw the area where you would like the forms to appear. Double click the added form, you can adjust the properties.
After creating the form, click Form,you can fill the forms. Also you can click the Move button to fill it.
Click Form>Import Data or Export Data from the top menu, you can load form data(.fdf file) or export fdf data file.
Note: The imported date will remove the previous data.
19. Save / Save as

Click Save to save the changes to the original PDF file or click Save As in order to save the changes to a new PDF file or rename it.
Note: In the trial version, after you save the edited PDF file, there will be a 'iSkysoft' logo on each page of the PDF.

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Iskysoft Pdf Editor For Mac Torrent

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