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IMacros for Firefox can also be used by web developers to extract information from a certain page or test the functioning of a certain web page. The application adds a sidescreen with a series of controls that allow you to start, pause, stop, edit, record and repeat the tasks. There is no version of Firefox browser for the iOS from Mozilla which includes iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. This is due to Apple's restrictions on the JavaScript and browser engines that can be used. Mozilla does not charge for any of the Products or Projects they make which includes Firefox for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Firefox for Android 2.2.

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imacro addon for firefox: how does macro work. in this tutorial, i am going to share with you on How to Use Firefox For Web Automation with Imacro extension. lots of internet users have been using Mozilla Firefox for years without knowing that they can use this same browser for web automation. with imacros data extraction, you can use it to extract data from website and store in CSV file into your computer.

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Imacros 8.9.7 Firefox

this is made possible with a firefox extension called Imacro and imacro for chrome free download. this extension is also available for chrome, but i prefer the imacro addon for firefox. with this, you can carry out some simple manual task by automating the process to free yourself the stress of doing it manually. lots of social signal site like addmefast, youlikehits, followlike etc can be automated to get points from these site and then use it to perform tasks to enable you get Instagram followers, Facebook likes, twitter followers, YouTube views etc for free.

i make use of imacro addon for firefox a lot to automate some web activities that would have taking me lots of time to perform if i were to do it manually. but with imacro addon for firefox, within few seconds or minutes, it will be done. the best thing about how does macro work is that it enables you to carry out the web automation in the background while you keep doing every other things offline or online. it keeps performing the task even while you are busy with other things.

Imacros For Mac Firefox Shortcut

Imacros For Mac Firefox

this is made possible with a feature called loop in the imacro addon for firefox. i will also share a website that pays you to like Facebook page, follow Instagram user, watch YouTube videos and lots more. so with this imacro addon for firefox, you can use it to automate the process to earn more money from the site i will share soon. so if you don’t want to miss this post when published, then subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss it. that being said, lets proceed further.

so how does macro work

imacro addon for firefox is a web extension that enable you to automate your internet activities that would have taken you hours or minutes to complete manually. imagine filling a web form by inserting the details from microsoft excel or CSV file one by one manually. this would take you some minutes or hours to finish the job. but with imacro addon for firefox, you just need to create the script and then run it on your firefox web browser while it does the job for automatically without stress. you can keep doing other task while the job is running in the background. now you can see the beauty of using imacro addon for firefox

imacro addon for firefox : How To Install

Step 1: Download Firefox Portable Version 55. don’t worry, i will add download link for it which include both Firefox and Imacro.

the reason for downloading of old version and portable is because we don’t intend updating the Firefox and most of us already have updated firefox browser which requires new version of imacro extension.

you may say why not use new version then. the problem with new version of imacro is that it comes with lots of restrictions which would force you to purchase their pro version. we can’t afford to buy such for $99 to $995.00 per licence. so the old version is okay for what we intend to use it for.

so for this reason, i have uploaded old portable version of firefox and also imacro extension is already installed on it. this way, you won’t start searching all over the net for old imacro web extension because latest firefox no longer support old version. the download link will is added at the end of the post.

Step 2: Extract the zip file.

Step 3: inside it, you will see the portable firefox and also a folder called Imacro.

Step 4: copy the folder called Imacro and paste it in your document root folder. this means it must be inside your document folder.this way, it enables imacro to work.


Step 5: launch the portable firefox browser. then scroll to the top right, you will see an icon for imacro at the top right menu bar. click on it. it will display the imacro window at the left side bar of your browser. you will also see an error message. don’t worry, we will fix that in step 6.

Step 6: click on Imacro Settings=>Paths Option. there you will see the paths folder options. all you need to do is to select the right paths folders. remember in step 4 where we copied the Imacros folder to document.

Imacros for firefox old version

now you will need to start locating the right source folders by clicking the Search icon close to the folder paths.just follow the steps below

the first folder is called Macros. now click the search and browse button to open the folder in your document folder which should be Imacros=>Macros and then click select once inside there.

second one is Datasources, now click on search and browse to the folder in your document folder which should be Imacros=>Datasources and click on select once inside there

third one is Downloads, now click on search and browse to the folder in your document folder which should be Imacros=>Downloads and click on Select once inside there

once done, you should click on the Apply button to save the changes.

Imacros Firefox Addon

now you are done configuring Imacro. the imacro window should now appear at the left side bar of firefox. you are now ready to use imacro.

Wrapping Up: imacro addon for firefox
i guess with this imacro addon for firefox, you can be able to make use of it to automate your internet activities. all you need to do is to create the script and run it on the firefox web browser and then relax while it does the job for you automatically.i have uploaded the imacro addon for firefox portable version which i recommend you download. then follow the tutorial inside the zip file to see how to set it up.

download portable firefox via link below.

Imacros For Firefox Latest Version

Or Download Via

Imacros Firefox Plugin

also a video tutorial is added in the file . so watch the video to see how to setup imacro addon for firefox

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