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Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) removed a core networking library which prevents GameRanger from working at all. If you're able to, avoid upgrading for now if you want to keep playing. A GameRanger update is being worked on, but this has required rewriting a significant percentage of.

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Gameranger For Mac Os X
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  1. In its first 4 years, GameRanger was a Macintosh-only multiplayer online gaming service. As well as being Macintosh-only, it was the only service of its kind on the Macintosh in the 90's. Since Windows XP, GameRanger is offered for both Mac OS X and Windows. GameRanger provides a central place for players to meet, chat, and organize internet games.
  2. GameRanger 3.0 is a completely redesigned and rewritten version of the Mac gaming service, native for Mac OS X and featuring support for the Aqua interface, yet maintaining compatibility with Mac.
Developer(s)Scott Kevill
Stable release
Operating systemMac OS, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
TypeServer-matching/IRC application.

GameRanger is an Internet gaming service for the Macintosh and Windows computing platforms, developed by GameRanger Technologies. It allows multiplayer games to be played online and provides various social features like chat rooms and voice chat. It was developed by Australian developer Scott Kevill and first released for Macintosh in July 1999. In the same year it achieved an award of 'Best Internet Gaming Achievement' by Macworld Magazine.[1] Windows support was added in 2008 and the service today supports over 700 titles.[2]


The service is regulated, updated and administered by Scott Kevill. In addition to hosting and playing games the service acts as a chat room with varied topics. However, today it must compete with the vast majority of developers who are choosing to adopt custom tracking software and maintain their own trackers. NetSprockets now belongs to an open source project called OpenPlay that has experienced very limited success in its adoption. Changes in networking technology as well as market expectations have also largely eliminated games that do not allow cross-platform network play. GameRanger continues to support a range of cross-platform games including those with custom trackers.

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In November 2008, GameRanger released a client for Windows. Initially, 526 Windows games were supported with 27 of them able to connect to Mac users running the same game.

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Hello dear friends,
My question is next: I've succesfully installed AoM, AoMX and GameRanger all programs are running, but when I try to play AoM or AoMX multiplayer (Online) the program says that there is an error an that it wont be able to play via the internet, I'm guessing that it is not an installation problem but a network configuration between VirtualBox my Windows Guest.
I'm running VB 4.0.4 r70112 for Mac OS Snow Leopard and my Windows guest is XP SP2.

Gameranger Mac

My regards and thanks for any incoming help.