Copytrans For Mac

Part 5: CopyTrans HEIC Converter (Only for Windows 10/8/7) CopyTrans stands out of the bunch because they launched a free software capable of handling HEIC format on Windows. That's right: the tool can handle the Mac format extension on a Windows ecosystem with no hassle by using this software. CopyTrans Cloudly conveniently organizes your pictures and videos so that you have all you iCloud photo albums on your computer. You can delete them all at once (instead of going one by one.

CopyTrans is a highly recommended transfer tool to copy or transfer iPod/iPhone/iPad music, videos, Apps, and other contents to iTunes and PC. However, if you have changed your computer to Mac machine, you will find that CopyTrans is helpless. That’s because CopyTrans Mac version is not available yet. So if you want to transfer your iPhone/iPod/iPad media files to Mac or iTunes on Mac for storage or backup, you need a CopyTrans for Mac for help. Look no further! Here I will share some tips on how to copy or transfer music and other media files between iDevice and Mac or iTunes.

CopyTrans for Mac - A Must Tool for Music Transferring

Copytrans For Mac

The best CopyTrans alternative for Mac I suggest is dr.fone for Mac. It could be the best all-in-one transfer tool, which not only let you put music, videos, photos and other media files directly to iPhone without incompatible issues, but also let you transfer music and videos from iPhone to iTunes Library, backup photos from iPhone to computer in a single click and fix iOS device won't connect issues. Here are its main features (iPhone X, iPhone 8 supported):

  • Rebuid iTunes Library with music, videos, TV shows, movies, audiobooks from iPhone.
  • 1-click to backup photos from iPhone to computer
  • Transfer music and videos from iTunes library to iPhone
  • Transfer music, videos, photos and more between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices.

Download the free trial version to have a try!

Note:dr.fone Windows version supports transfer contacts between 2 phones and backup SMS from iPhone to computer.

How to use CopyTrans Alternative for Mac

Step 1: Download and install this alternative to CopyTrans

Click the 'Free Download' button below and the program file will be downloaded to your Mac. After that, double click the program file to open the installation instruction. And then you can follow up simple steps to set up the program.

#1: Rebuild iTunes Library with iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android

Launch the program and connect your device with your Mac via USB cable. This CopyTrans Mac alternative software will detect your device and show the device information in the main interface. Now you can directly click the 'Rebuild iTunes Library' button on the main window. Next, select file types and click 'Transfer' to copy them all to your iTunes Library

#2: Backup Photos from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android Phone to Mac

Click 'Backup Photos to Mac', letting the CopyTrans alternative copy and save all photos on your device to your Mac local hard drive. You can even backup them to an external hard drive.

#3: Transfer Files between 2 Devices

dr.fone allows you to transfer files between 2 devices, regardless of iOS and Android operating system. Just connect 2 devices with Mac at the same time via USB cable. After then, click 'Phone to Phone Transfer'. Next, select file types to transfer between 2 devices.

#4: Transfer Selected Files

Besides the above mentioned 1-click transfer, dr.fone allows you to transfer selected files between iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phone and Mac. Just navigate to the corresponding file management window, then select files and click either 'Add' or 'Export'.

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Home > iOS Tips > HEIC to JPG/PNG Converter Download

HEIC image is a difficult format to work with as it is a branded new type and less apps support it. It's quite common to use a search engine to find the best HEIC converter to fit your needs. The number of options is baffling, and frankly, that's a good thing! The more options we have, the better, right?

Among the tools available to convert HEIC images, we have found out some of them work flawlessly and are very reliable except for certain limits. So you don't need to waste time downloading and trying them out one by one.

Copytrans Full Version For Free

Generally, native software is the way to go if you don't feel like sending your HEIC files to an unknown server for conversion, especially if you are handling sensitive content related to your line of work. With a conversion software running on your own computer, everything is under control!. In the following lines, we are offering a brief review of the top five HEIC Converters. Take a seat and pay attention, you probably will find just what you need here.

#1: TunesBro HEIC Converter (Windows & Mac)

TunesBro HEIC Converter is one of the few applications being able to convert HEIC files shot on iOS 12 devices. That's why we place it at the first position as iOS 12 become the mainstream nowadays. The built-in engine uses very complex and smart AI algorithms that have proven to be versatile enough to bring down the restrictions on HEIC files. This HEIC Converter can convert HEIC to JPG and PNG with great great quality.

In addition, it works perfectly on latest Windows and Mac platforms. Another great benefit is that it allows you control the output format as well as the quality of converted images.


  • Great output quality with minimal data loss.
  • Convert 100+ photos at one time with batch conversion mode.
  • Excelly customer support (no available for free software).
  • Clean and clear user interface.
  • Support latest Windows 10 and macOS 10.14.

Part 2: Aiseesoft HEIC Converter (Commercial License)

Aiseesoft HEIC Converter is one of the most accessible tools to handle HEIC photos in this list. The software can process images from any Apple device and convert it to JPG or PNG with ease. The coding of this software is very versatile and capable of working on both Windows and Mac's operating systems. The interface of the program, once it's installed, allows the user to perform the conversion process with a single click.

Copytrans Backup Extractor For Mac

The most significant feature so far seems to be how simple it is, as well as the powerful capabilities to work with bulk conversions. Aiseesoft also offers the option to keep EXIF dates on your files if you need them to. Like most of the best utilities in this list, you can manage output options to keep your converted files as well as the originals if you still need them.


Part 3: Free Online HEIC Converter Online (Up to 50 Photos) is the free online HEIC converter that can be used to convert HEIC images to JPG. It's wildly popular for being a reliable free option, and because using the tool almost comes as second nature since it's very user-friendly.There is no additional plug-in or the need to download any .exe file. You can convert single HEIC images or a batch of 50 at once by dragging and dropping the HEIC files the dashed box placed on the website.

When they are finally positioned in place, you just have to highlight the file and hit the conversion button. There is a couple of dark spots found in One of them is the potential leak of privacy and the fact that you are sending the pictures to a public cloud to be converted. There are also the limited features of the tool since it only offers HEIC to JPG conversion with no adjustment panel. Finally being this an online tool and with HEIC being such a complex format, the conversion can take a lot of time.

Part 4: iMazing HEIC Converter

iMazing HEIC Converter is one of the most well-regarded conversion tools capable of handling iOS 11 photos as well as the conversion to JPG format as well as PNG. It works as a freeware feature offline and is compatible with Mac and Windows systems.

It has one of the cleanest interfaces of all the programs in the list, with the drag and drops feature being the most functional one. All files can be handled on different folders to keep your originals in place and file your duplicates as a backup. As some of the other reliable tools, iMazing HEIC Viewer has an option to adjust quality to preserve EXIF metadata and offers support for color profiles.

Copytrans Mac Download

Part 5: CopyTrans HEIC Converter (Only for Windows 10/8/7)

CopyTrans stands out of the bunch because they launched a free software capable of handling HEIC format on Windows. That's right: the tool can handle the Mac format extension on a Windows ecosystem with no hassle by using this software. This is not exactly magic, while its fact that Windows can't natively support HEIC images, CopyTrans manages to handle it and convert them if necessary thanks to some heavy coding known to the developer exclusively at the moment.

Copytrans Mac Download Free

Final Words

Copytrans Manager For Macbook Air


To be frankly, it is not hard to find an solution to convert HEIC image largely thanks to the search engines. However, the challenging part is how to get the best one with user friendly interface and batch convert. Commerical products are always my favorite becasue I can get good customer support.

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